Grand Prix’s Through Decades

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NOTICE! The dates are only tentative and may or may not change. Keep this page under attention for changes.


The mods used for the races might change if they are discovered too bad or the better ones are available, so check this list for updates before the races.

1923 Grand Prix de l’A.C.F.

1936 Donington Grand Prix

1940 German Grand Prix (The race that never was)

1956 Monaco Grand Prix

1967 Belgian Grand Prix

1975 Brazilian Grand Prix

1986 Austrian Grand Prix

1994 British Grand Prix


15:00 UTC first 4 races,
16:00 UTC rest of the races
Practice 60 min
–:– UTC first 2 races,
16:00 UTC next 2 races,
17:00 UTC rest of the races
Qualification 15 min
(no qualification in first 2 races, but random grid as the grid was originally formed by ballot)
16:00 UTC first 2 races,
16:15 UTC next 2 races,
17:15 UTC rest of the races
Race lap based, varies by race. See kisakalenteri for more details per race

Race points system

Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Points 28 25 23 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


The race will be watched by stewards who can give penalties to drivers after each race. For example: Track violations, unsportsmanlike driving and careless returns to racetrack or other cause of danger to other drivers.


If there are incidents that are against the gentleman driving, you can make a protest of the incident. The protest must be made within a week after the race has ended. The protest must include a Youtube videoclip of the incident that includes the happenings with the eyes of all parties involved. Additionally you must include a description of the incident, like: “Jim Clark divebombed my car on corner entry and didn’t return the position gained.”.

The penalties will be published on this page before the next race. The protest is made in here.

The following special rules are in place during qualification: Overtaking is prohibited unless the slower driver clearly makes room for it. The slower driver is allowed to make his attempt in peace and the faster driver must not drive right behind to rush the slower one. It is a responsibility of a faster driver to find suitable slot for his own attempt. It is also prohibited to teleport to the pits from race track. That is only allowed from pitlane.

The following special rules are in place during race: If a driver damages his car so badly that he is not able to drive the car to the pits for repairs, the driver is not allowed to teleport to pits for repairs. Doing so is prohibited. We simulate real races here and not be able to drive to the pits means DNF and the driver gets the points like he would have finished last. Teleporting is only allowed if you drop off the map or get stuck to a fence or similar item (ie. a bug in the game).

Penalty points 

Racing incident 0
Minor offense 1 – 4 Fully accidental incident and no damage done, position returned, weaving.
Medium offense 4 – 6 Cars damage, somewhat careless behaviour, divebombing, position not returned, pinching.
Major offense 6 – X Totally careless behaviour, brake checking, intentional incident
  • Rage quit means automatically non-compete obligation for the next race.
  • Another rage quit will mean the driver is disqualified from the series.
  • After 37 penalty points the driver is disqualified from the series and his series points and positions will be erased.
  • Grid penalty is considered accompished after the driver has participated his next race, meaning not participating on the next race does not clear it.
  • Pinching and weaving is strictly prohibited.


0 – 6 No immediate consecuenses No series point reductions
7 – 13 Grid penalty No series point reductions
14 – 20 Grid penalty 2 -5 series points
21 – 25 Grid penalty 3 -10 series points
26-30 Grid penalty 4 -15 series points
31-35 Grid penalty 5 -20 series points
36 – X Disqualification Disqualification from series

Grid penalty means that a driver is not allowed to drive the qualification = last grid position. If the race don’t have qualification the driver must drop himself to the last position after start. It must be done safely on straight after first corner to avoid mayhem in start.

Championship standings

1Joni Lindholm2828252523129
2Oskari Okkonen2520282120114
3Anssi Hyytiäinen1621172828110
4Vesa Tolonen201820201896
5Samuli Seppänen31916232586
6Henrik Ward2313231776
7Otto Puustinen1725151976
8Christoph Leipold1417191969
9Quentin Chauviteau1111181555
10Tomi Koivisto15231654
11Tomas Kuusela12161846
12Ville Korkiakoski6211643
13JD Court8121737
15Henrik Pekkanen5151434
17Markus Peltonen2121
18Mikko Väkevä1919
19Jonah Hax1818
20Kosti Aho1414
21Juan San Martin1313
22Senne Stofmeel99
23Andre Serodio77
24Brian Messina44